Why Affiliate Links?

I consider writing articles as a hobby, and it's not my priority to make money from it.

But if I can make a little bit of extra money by adding affiliate links to products/services I personally use, enjoy, and would recommend for free, then why not?

It doesn't add any extra cost to a reader and doesn't annoy like ads plastered all over the website.
You probably know what I'm talking about if you have visited a cooking-related website without Adblock enabled:

So How Can You Support Me?

If you want to, you can support me by:

  1. Writing a comment on the article you found useful.
    It's really motivating when you know someone reads what you write.
  2. Making a purchase through an affiliate link.
    If you like the product/service I recommended.
  3. Donating here: Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Thank you for reading and your support. ❤️